3D animation in Toon Boom

What would be a practical way to incorporate 3D animation in a 2D animated cartoon? Should one just render the 3d animation and draw the animation in Toon Boom Harmony? Or should I make the model’s textures and shaders in a way where it goes with the art style?

How does one go about turning images into 3D objects? I want to experiment with moving a drawing of a city in a 3/4 view (basically having the city scroll across at an angle and not just left to right), and fake the movement of 3D motion. Are there any video tutorials that go over this process in Toon Boom Harmony?

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That all depends on the result you want to achieve.

There are other options. I am not a pro. This is just one way you might approach it.

Are the 2D objects visiting the 3d world or are the 3D objects visiting the 2D world?

In which dimension is the activity taking place?

If it is the 3D world you could render it as video then import the video as a background and carefully draw with consideration of the 3D space and objects the 2D objects encounter.

If it is the 2D world then you could import the objects and adjust layers so the 3D objects move in front and in back of 2D objects.

You could do some adjustments and movements on the fly as the need presented itself unless you can anticipate everything using storyboard planning.