3D animated objects in Harmony

Does Harmony supports 3D animation objects from… lets say Maya? I’m well aware you can move, scale and rotate 3d objects in Harmony through the timeline, thus this objects seems animated. But lets say I made a car or perhaps something more complex, like a robot os a flag, all in Maya, and all animated.

What if I need the car’s wheels to roll, or the robot to walk or the flag to wave. Does Harmony supports that or what the recommendations would be?
And is it possible to apply bones to a 3D objects in case the 3D animated object is not supported?

You cannot do 3D animation in Harmony, just make the integration of 3D models and apply to them the transformations you mention - move, scale and rotation - on a 3D space. Deformation (bones or curves) will not work with 3D objects. You can do a hierarchy/rig with 3D objects though. So if you have a car wheel as a separate 3D object from the car you will be able to animate it. if you move the car the wheel will follow, etc. There’s a related example in one of the recent webinars, with a door or maybe a hood of a 3D car being opened.

Luis Canau