3D and layering

So I’m working on a scene involving a complicated set up of layers in 3D space, character is standing in a cylinder comprised of a series of circles stacked up vertically in 3D space.

Sometimes the entire cylinder appears in front of the character despite the character being positioned in the middle as far as Z space is concerned.

I have all the cylinder elements connecting together into a single composite module (set to 3D) in order to apply the same glow effect to all of them simultaneously.

So if anyone has knows what might be going on that would be great, but even just some more know how on how the composite modules function would be really helpful too. With how they distribute depth and what not. Apparently it renders everything going into them as a flat image?

Does that mean there’s another way of grouping modules to apply a filter to them?


I just thought of something that might help/also adds to my confusion

transparency layering.

There’s semi transparent overlays that appear in the foreground and background. If these are invisible the circles appear as intended. When visible all the circles appear in front of the character. Fairly stumped on this one…

Hi, have you made your composite module into a trapezoid instead of a rectangle, by enabling pass through. That way it preserves the vectors instead of flattening your cylinder into a bitmap.