3D/2D integration using Swift

Here’s a video which I created for those who are interested in adding some cool 3D to their Toon Boom animations.



Obviously I’m not a good at making tutorials
I made this just to show what you can do with Swift.
The rotating rotor is done in Swift, then exported as SWF and imported into toon boom library and the movement of the helicopter is done using a peg layer.

My tutorials were terrible to start with so don’t worry :slight_smile: (they still aren’t great) i encourage you to make more :slight_smile:

I hope you didn’t think I was implying it was terrible, just mine were :slight_smile: I have improved and you can too.

I agree tutorials are so much more popular when you can follow along and don’t do things off camera. There is nothing more annoying than showing you a tiny bit then cutting to the completed product.

There’s an important piece missing from your video here.

How did you do the animation? Did you do the animation of the helicopter directly in Swift then export it as an image sequence?

It’s also a little incongruent that you start out by showing a car, and then end up with an animated helicopter.


The tutorial wasn’t terrible!!! I was just trying to let you know some additional information that would be useful for us to know to be able to replicate it. If you think about it, when you do a tutorial, the user is going to want to be able to reproduce what you do, if they follow what you do. That’s the tricky thing about tutorials - you kind of have to give them everything they need.

But what you have there is good.