360 rig Individual peg pivots

I’m new to rigging in harmony, and I’m currently making a simple character 360 rig. I’m trying to make peg pivots for each body part, and then adjust them for each pose (3/4, side, back…). My problem is that when i move a peg pivot on one of the views, it changes them for the entire layer. even with keyframes on each layer, the peg pivot will not stay in place. I know that this is possible to do, because I am following along with Tracy Strong’s (stylus rumble) tutorial and she is able to key frame the position of the peg pivot without any trouble.

Hello James,

Great news, we actually have a full learning portal for just this kind of thing. The Toon Boom Learn Portal actually has advanced tutorials, in addition to more basic ones. For you specifically, I would recommend the Rigging Artist journey, which takes you from the basics of character rigging in Harmony, all the way to advanced production techniques including rotational rigs.

You can find that specific journey here: https://learn.toonboom.com/journeys/rigging-artist


Thank you for the reply Max,

Unfortunately, I’ve already been through the rigging tutorials on Toon Boom, and several on Youtube as well. I’m currently only having one problem, but it is stunting me from going any further. If i could get specific advice for this issue, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you

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Hi James!

When using pivots set on pegs, this is normal behaviour. Peg pivots are static. They cannot be changed on one instance in particular. In order to do this, you need to use drawing pivots, which allow for one pivot for each drawing.

However, I would not recommend drawing pivots for a 360 rig, as they will not interpolate smoothly.

We generally recommend using peg pivots, as you did. You could set a small visual indicator of where your pivot is located, and make sure that any other drawing that you create shares the same pivot information. As a general rule, I try to avoid creating too many drawings in a 360 rig, but I understand that it is sometimes unavoidable.

The following video should help you. Let me know how it goes!


This approach makes sense, but in the current tutorial I’m watching at 16:15 , they can be seen animating, or keyframing the peg pivots to be accurate for each view of the 360 rig. If this is possible, this would be me preferred aproach for my current setup.

Can you post a link to the video that you say this happens at 16:15? You can’t animate the pivot on pegs, but you can make the pivot position on drawings change for each drawing substitution. You can then set the peg to inherit the child’s pivot position. In effect this would animate the peg pivot position, however for a 360 rig and how that will interpolate with inbetweens, it may be easier just to have the same pivot position and move the different drawing substitutions to be right on top of each other, and animate the peg to move to the new position.

using the drawing pivot and applying it to the peg works perfectly! thank you!