32 - 64 bit

Hi. I’ve recently moved from winXP 32 bit to win7 64 bit. I reinstalled Storyboard Pro and it seems to work ok, except that I can’t open any of the files created while I was still using XP.Is this a known problem or could it be some other factor? Of the software I use only TB seems to have this issue. Error message as follows:.Syntax error at line 1236:Expected END_PROJECT_PANEL_INFO_FIELD_LIST (ID)(the line # varies from file to file)

Aside form the fact that Storyboard Pro came out before there was a Windows 7 and that the software is not validated on 64 bit Windows…The error message is consistent with a corrupt Storyboard file (.sbp) or opening a newer version Storyboard file in an older version of the software.Can you still open the same project on the older workstation?

Yes, the files still work on other machines.I only mention other software to indicate that perhaps it’s not, in this case, some dull user error. It certainly wasn’t a cheap shot at the hard working and diligent TB developers. Of course I don’t expect everything to work immediately with a new OS, but that it may have been at tested and any incompatibilities noted.

I have gotten that same error before when I tried to open a Storyboard file that I created with a newer version. When I tried to open it with an older version of storyboard, that’s the result that I received. Are you sure this is not what’s happening in your case?