300dpi resolution

Is it possible to generate a 300 dpi resolution tiffs of each panel in a board and retain separated layers?With thanks Peter

You can export either PSD (Photoshop), TGA (Targa) or JPG (JPEG) formats in either your project resolution, 1/2 size or 1/4 size of the project resolution. The default resolution is 72 DPI but this is mostly a setting of the bitmap editing software as the pixel by pixel number determines the resolution. The formula used is: Size (in inches) x DPI = ResolutionFor an image of 720 pixel width…10 (inches) x 72 (DPI) = 720 Pixelsor 1.8 (Inches) x 400 (DPI) = 720 PixelsSo setting the bitmap to 400 DPI in Photoshop (for example) will make theimage smaller (for printing) though the actual resolution (quality) of the image does not change.For the other part of this question - since there is no direct method for exporting layers, you would need to do this in several passes. Each time you would “hide” the layers, except for the one you are exporting from each panel.

Thank you for your support.