300DPI Images to Print

Hi all,

Basically I’m experimenting with making a longer form comic in SBP Pro. and seeing if there’s a workflow that I could go (almost) straight to print with.

I’d like to export a 300dpi image from SBP Pro for print. All artwork and colour is in vector.

Do I multiply the h and w of an appropriate custom resolution file, by 300 each and enlarge everything to that size? I saw something similar to this on an old Harmony tutorial. 3:50 in.


Any other methods would be most helpful.



The resolution of the project is measured in pixels.
You want to have a 300DPI image.
DPI is dots per inch.

The thing you need to decide on is the vertical and horizontal size of the page.

Say for example that you want a page that’s 10 inches tall by six inches wide…

300 x 10 = 3000
300 x 6 = 1800

Your storyboard project would need to be 3000 x 1800 (custom resolution)