3.5.1 SP1 Not Responding

I downloaded and installed SP1 and it has crashed every time I try using paintbrush mode or anything else for that matter. It freezes and then gives me the “Not-Responding” in the program bar at top. I’ve rebooted several times and I’ve uninstalled 3.5 completely and reinstalled again. Since I thought it may be my Wacom, I deleted all previous drivers and installed most current before reinstalling 3.5.1. Nothing. I do have the previous ToonBoom versions 2.5 and 3.0 still installed which, based on these boards, is OK. BTW both 2.5 and 3.0 still work great with my Wacom as well as in Photoshop.

Here’s my system details
-P4 Alienware running Windows XP with most current SP
-Wacom Intuos 3 9x12 with most recent driver
-Generic Wireless Mouse
-USB gaming keyboard
-Plenty of memory

Based on all this info, does anyone have any input on how to resolve this?



This might be related to some preferences in the software. Before drawing anything go in Edit>Preferences>Display tab and change the renderer to Direct3D (instead of OpenGL).

Let us know if there is any progress.

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Switching to OpenGL seems to resolve the program from crashing but
I’m still experiencing problems with my tablet responding. My standard mouse will draw completely in real time but the Wacom is still jerky and delayed. I’ve exhausted all the tips I’ve seen on the board for resolving this. Since it is obviously anti-aliasing related, is there a way to shut this off so it operates the way 2.5 and 3.0 still work? I purchased the upgrade for the animation features not to see my drawings in a pre-rendered state.


I’m using an NVIDIA GeForce 4400 Ti Graphics card.

Hi Troy,

The anti-aliasing feature can be disabled in the same window as you change the renderer. It is the checkbox at the bottom of the window (OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing). If you uncheck it is should be runnig the same way it use to do with previous version.

As for the renderer you should indeed keep OpenGL for some Nvidia card are having display issue with Direct3D.

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After contacting Wacom, I was given the following driver (WacomTablet_493-3) to download and everything works great now:

Remove the tablet driver through add/remove programs and reboot.
Download and save the following driver: