2nd Time Animation Using Animate: A fight scene

'One Against Many’

This is a short animation about a guy who struggles to regain his memory. He fears the thought that he may have done something bad due to the relentless pursuit of a gang. Who is he? Why are they after him? In this clip he finds himself at the edge of town where he is forced to confront the gang.

It took a while but I had fun making this, hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you thought of it.

Click on this link to view animation: http://bit.ly/QlAnBP


That was great. I loved it once it got going.

One thing which was put me off was the characters sliding across the ground. You obviously did this intentionally, but i don’t get why?

I’m relatively new to the world of animation, (about 10 months in), and during this self-teaching exercise with many hours of watching anime I felt ambition and decided to animate a fight and transformation scene. After I completed that exercise my cousin, who’s 11, wanted to know why these characters were fighting and a host of other questions that would have required a 2hr film to answer and probably 2 years of my life since I was the only person who worked on this.

Therefore I decide to give the guy, (the main character), memory loss and have an opening scene where he questioned his identity and why he was being attacked. The darkness was to put you into the mind of the main character where he saw glimpses of his fractured memory and the images of the characters that wanted to do him harm.

I know the floating characters lacked the level of detail/movement of the fight and transformation scene. The floating characters were a quick fix. Do you know of better method I could have used that would have been just as quick?

The main purpose was to test my ability to animate a fight and transformation scene. I feel good with my level of progress and your positive review has been an added confidence booster.

I also wanted to finish this one quickly because I have a bunch of other stories to tell that will be hopefully more entertaining.

Stay tuned and thanks again for commenting.


Why not go the other way, pan the camera instead of slide the characters?

Great point! If I had taken this approach and placed the characters on different ‘z’ values I would have given the viewer the parallax effect. Next time, thanks!

yeah with that effect, i like to make the camera tighter so you can’t see the feet.