2nd Button Problem on Intuos 3


I’ve have an annoying issue with TBS 4.5 and my Intuos 3. It occurs whichever WACOM drivers I use. The latest or any of the older ones.

Whenever I use the second button on my Intuos 3 pen, it acts normally, performing the function I have assigned to it.

However, if I then try to use the Line tool or the Stroke tool or the Zoom tool, TBS acts as though the click I made with my second button was an actual left click with the pen. So, for instance, the Line tool will draw a line from wherever the pen was when I clicked the second button.

I have done all the usual preference deleting, re-starting and driver re-installing, but the problem prevails. Even if I set the second button to ‘Disabled’ I still get the problem.

As I have always used this button for Undo in all of my applications, you can see why this is frustrating.

Is there anything I can do?




This is getting quite serious now. It isn’t just the second pen button. It is the buttons on the tablet too.

The Grabber tool is affected too, so that, if I use the Grabber tool the screen will jump to where ever the pen was when I hit a tablet button.

This has only surfaced since my upgrade to TBS 4.5.

To recreate the issue:

1. Select the Grabber tool then click a tablet button or the second pen button.

2. Move the Grabber to another part of the screen and click (touch the tablet).

3. TBS will act as though the pen is still at the position it was in when you clicked the tablet button or second pen button. The screen will jump to that position.

I am using:

Windows XP Pro (SP3)
ATI Radeon HD3850

I would be really grateful for some feedback.

- Byron

Maybe I have the same problem, I saw your thread too late and I opened a new one. Since you didn’t get any response since february maybe I can be luckier than you, you might want to follow this thread as well :wink: