2d animators needed for animated web series

Hey Everyone i am making an animated web series and need some animators to make the animation. I Would Make The Animation Myself But i will be busy with other stuff like making the script, Working with the actors, Designing the characters, storyboarding, and other stuff. I Need Animators ASAP Because we need to make 4 episodes by October 2017 or January 2018 plus 2 more additional episodes. I Can’t wait to start working with some Talented animators.

Contact: ifle1750@students.Kleinisd.net

Type: Unpaid/ Copy of Completed Work.

it is amusing that the offer comes from a 12 year old, what do kids know at that age?

After offering to help him, not do the work. That included a student copy of Moho 12. He has proven that he is 6 years old. I have work with some young people before, but his kid takes the cake. In ten years from now he still will know nothing about animation. Treat him like any other dirt bag that starts with “Looking for some up and coming animator(s)” The last person who did that, I found out what they look like and made the shitist animation possible with their pictures.

I do this as a hobby and have help with animation on a dead film mixed with quality animation. With a student animation thesis project as an inker and colorer.

I’m currently working with one other person who is making mistakes with the animation.


Considering how he blew me off on the advice i’m inclined to agree. As someone who works in the industry and sees the work above, and said person claims he knows how to draw, it just makes me laugh. I’ve seen people as young as him actually studying/working on their art, this kid is not one of them.

agreed, this is just gross. shame on you “qpop”. along with honing technical skills, studying existing works and practicing your craft, artists/animators need to learn self-respect and a modicum of business acumen or they will be steamrolled by predators like “qpop”. this happens all the time – “get noticed” positions, “contests” or “calls for ideas” from unscrupulous wretches looking to net naive students and struggling talent while keeping all of the money and recognition for themselves.

if you are going to work for free, do it ONLY for yourself. no point in working for someone else for free. you will gain nothing from it that you wouldn’t gain from doing your own works, for yourself. ESPECIALLY THE ANIMATION portion of the “job” that qpop is offering – this is grueling, thankless work that absolutely MUST be paid, or else you are being totally disrespected and your time – your LIFE – is being sucked into oblivion.

this is pure exploitation, and qpop is keenly aware of what they are doing. i almost feel like there is a hidden message with the unintentionally funny capitalization of “I Would Make The Animation Myself But…” line.

even large, high profile projects fall into ugly snake pits of vitriol when the top of the pyramid starts to disrespect the artists and staff. for a recent, (in)famous example, look no further than the industry-echoed fiasco of the wildly successful “Sausage Party” – many of the creative and technical artists and staff have yet to be fully paid OR EVEN CREDITED for their laborious efforts (plenty of info about this situation over at cartoonbrew.com).

OP is literally a 12 year old who doesn’t know what he’s doing nor the work it takes to do. No one should waste time on this, he can try again in 6 or 10 years when he’s actually matured a bit.


No self respecting animator will work for what you propose and unpaid. Get lost.