2D animated sequences for CGI feature film - looking for animators


This volunteer project is for two 2D animated sequences for the computer animated movie based on the Cerebus the Aardvark comic books; one being a dream sequence and the other being an end credits sequence. For the dream sequence, I animated everything in 3D first, then I got Matthew Koh to rotoscope the main character I animated and give him extra movement, but then he backed out because he has other projects to work on. Several months later, I got Jason Haynes to do the job by fixing some blunders that Matthew made, but he backed out as well due to social life issues (but apparently, he’s trying to get back on the project right now). So, does anyone here think you can help out with the 2D animation for both sequences, including some of the rotoscoping of the raw, “sketchified” 3D footage for the dream sequence and some extra movements and blunder fixing?

Programs accepted: Toon Boom, TVPaint, OpenToonz, Flash, DigiCel FlipBook, Photoshop, Plastic Animation Paper, Pencil2D, After Effects, Krita, Painter/Paint Shop Pro, and Paint Tool SAI