28 ways to make a living creating cartoons

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I recently finished my longest article yet, talking about how to earn money making cartoons (aside from joining a major studio). If you’ve considered freelancing, you may find it useful:
28 ways to make a living creating cartoons

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Nice job on the article. Very interesting and I’m sure it will be of much help to many people. Keep up the good work.

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I am just starting out. I have some basic ideas that may or may not grow into grandiose ones. ;D I like your article. About merchandising, I bought 2 shirts and a mug with CHARLIE THE UNICORN on them. They weren’t bargain basement prices either. So if you have a good character that people know and love (or hate) merchandising is very real.


I loved the article. Well researched and very informative as always…thanks -JK

I love Charlie the Unicorn!

Chaaaaaarlie… ;D

Great article, Will.

Shun the non believer!


Sorry, couldn’t help myself.