23.98 fps to ToonBoom

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a quicktime in H.264 at 23.98fps. I’m putting it into TB Studio @ 24fps.
Animating lip sync is a little odd, scrolling sounds good, but sometimes the sound changes. I set my Export Movie to Quicktime Movie/ custom. I hit options to change Movie settings in Video to Frame rate 23.98. Hey this is easy I think! Outputing 1920x1080.

Sadly:( Quicktime looks fine with audio, but lip sync is about a second off.

How can I solve this problem?
Should my client send me a Quicktme in 24 fps instead of 23.98?
Will I get to pay my rent this month?

Thank you in advance,


I think I can help you…
Say your Original file: 960x540 @23.98 with Sound

Take this Original file, kicked it up to 24fps in AF and output as 1920 x 1080 @ 24fps to import into Toon Boom Studio. Do the best lip sync animation in Toon Boom and then output a quicktime at 24fps of the animation.

Now, while your original file is sitting in After Effects, import your new animation quicktime (24fps) into AF , interpret it back to 23.98, using the original footage/sound to output again to 23.98. If you do this correctly, you will now have a quicktime at 23.98.