2012 Demo Reel


Here’s my animation demo reel from 2012. All the final art is done with Xara Designer Pro X and the animation with Toon Boom Harmony.

Pretty impressive video.

I would of listed your projects either as they came up or at the end so people can see all the different projects.

The music sounded kind of stocky and tacky. I think you could perhaps make a better choice that isn’t so in your face since the focus is your art.

Also showing some of the voice overs is probably worth it for your demo reel.

Thanks for the good comments, James! As always there are things I could do better, I’ve always done my demo reels this way–clips with an upbeat music track for audio. I could try doing one with the actual voice overs, sound effects, sound track–that might be better. If it is, I’ll post it.

I actually think in general your voice overs are great so they are worth showing.

With your style you are selling the overall package, not that your art isn’t great!

Your animation is SO appealing and inspiring. It’s perfectly simple and each character is alive. I’ve seen this type of animation fail because the characters seem dead, but you really create a fun world with your work.

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Matt!