2012 Christmas Card

Here is an animated Christmas card that I put together. The art is done by a friend of mine who made this nifty popup card. There is a link in the video description where you can go and download it for free. The animation is nothing spectacular. I just wanted to do something for Christmas and also to show off his cool card.Merry Christmas to all!


That a really nice Christmas card. There’s just not enough resolution for such a zoom, but I guess most people will not look into such ‘technical’ detail.

Thanks! Yeah, it does get rather pixelated in the zoom but that’s all I had to work with. I thought of redrawing it in vector but it was just a quick project.

Oh, that’s sweet - and what a great way to show off your friend’s card. Even a little animation somehow … well, enchants.

+ 1 to this. It was a nice way to show it off