2 questions

  1. if i want to convert 12 frame/second animation into 24 frames per second animation scene then what would be the best method ? is their any proper method for doing editing in timeline for this process?

    2.how can we get benefit from these 2 options while doing animation , 1) default separate position and 2) default separate scale. i heard second option can be used for doing squash and streching kind of animations but im wondering how can i use them ?


Hi Awais,

1. This should be planned in the first place. If you switch fps on the fly your sound might be distorted due to the frame rate change. The thing is if you have new drawing on every frame it could be easily done by using the Set Exposure to 2 but if you have some extended exposure and pegs in your project then you will have to do the grunt work and extend everything to fit your new framerate.

2. This feature is not contained inside of Toon Boom Studio. Please address Solo question in the Solo forum.

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oh ok Ugo , thanks , i have posted their too !

Hi awais,

To add a little bit more on number one, you can stretch a peg in Toon Boom Studio (and Solo of course).

Exemple: You made an animation using pegs and keyframes on 24 frames at 12fps (2seconds) and you want to convert it to an animation on 48 frames to keep the 2 seconds after switching the fps to 24.

To do so, put the mouse at the end of the peg (the cursor will change to 2 arrows) hold shift (to activate the stretch) and extend the peg for 24 frames. This will strech the entire keyframe animation 48 frames and slow down the animation without changing it.

hope that helps.


i thought that the real challenge is the sound resampling.
does solo do this, too?

wow i think its a great idea , i will check this method
and yeah agree with gester it will still make some problem with sound files .
actually i got practice with 12 frame/second settings as u ppl also provide tutorials/workout series with these settings , therefore sometimes it becomes difficult to start same animation in 24 frame/second :slight_smile:

hi Mathieu
today i tried to strech the peg in solo but it didn’t happen , i wonder how to activate the strech i also tried shift key ,
i found draging just replace the key positions but its not streching !