2 questions: Windows 8 support and 4k?

I have been moving my small studio over to Windows and wonder if Harmony 10.01 Stand Alone is already Windows 8 compatible?

Samsung and other TV/Display manufacturers are beginning to bring 4k Plasma or LCD monitors to market will Harmony 10.xx support 4K natively or will we simply hack it by using pixel size?
We are also seeing massive changes in 3D Pixar style animation some digital movies are now coming out at 48fps even when projected in 2D.

So, do I simply increase the pixel ratio and that will make it 4K? Any ideas as I’d like to future proof my work…a little.

48 fps?! That’s an interesting issue.
For my 2D animations, I am tending to go back to the old 12 or 15 fps unless I am doing some really fast paced stuff. For a while, I did everything in 24 fps, but it often looked a bit strange. Maybe because my eyes are used to 2D animation being done “on the 2’s” or at 12 fps for film.
I worry that trying to do 48 fps would make a lot of the movement look more like it was done on a computer (which it is, but we want people to believe we are drawing each frame).
Interesting question.
When I look at the Simpsons, it still has that “drawn on the 2’s” look.

" but we want people to believe we are drawing each frame)."

I actually don’t think this way. I want people to not believe or think anything when looking at the drawings but be immersed in the story. Generally if you are thinking about the animation and drawings then your immersion has an issue (unless you an artist and like to look at drawings :slight_smile: )

That said I love the wide range of styles which can be replicated by being clever with the software :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy and not checked the site here.

What HD is moving fast 1920X1080 is no longer cutting edge but rather old and dated.

There are 4K flatscreen Samsun sets for sale. There’s talk of 8k over ten feet long.

Interesting times but ones that not just Hobbit directors have to be concerned about. It’s not the FPS so much as the pixel and dpi rate.

Unless we think YouTube will be only where our animations/art will be seen…
Harmony 10 is so much better than 9.2 so most of my resource issues have been sorted out…just will have to think one day to buy cards with over 6GB VRAM.

As for W8 I am planning to upgrade one computer and will test out Harmony 10 to see if it will work. Most Adobe works.

I’m stuck downtown NYC without power, without water, food, bathroom it’s a disaster zone below 39th street.

So, can you pass on I found I had problem before the lights went out with a new Maya 2013 FBX file that though it showed the 3D tools in render or in GL mode nothing moved except scale. I used the yxz in the timeline and go something interesting. When the lights come back on, I hope before our hotel kicks us out I’ll double check.

Other than that a reboot of the system made Harmony 10 work well with W8 Pro and it’s very fast system at loading Apps.

Good luck. Thanks for info about 8k

Just wanna drop in with a quick related question - I have Animate Pro 2 (bought 1-2 years ago) and am planning on getting Windows 8 soon.

Is my version compatible with the OS or will it have to be updated or sth?

This might just be a problem with the new Nvidia drivers on Windows. There is a fix for this in the latest 10 update. Also NVidia release a beta driver for the GeForce cards that fixes the issue. I don’t know if the Quadro have a fix yet. But anyway if you get the latest 10 it should solve this.

We’re not yet Windows 8 compatible, as I don’t believe it’s had its full release yet. OSes change up until the last moment, so we won’t be able to say until it’s actually released. Even then, we’ll want to run some further tests and make sure everything’s good to go.

For sure we’re not going to be working in “Metro” (I know they’re changing that name, but in any case)

You can export to 4k or above using a custom resolution setting in Harmony. So just check what exactly is the standard resolution for 4k - I think it’s 3840 x 2160

Also in the resolution settings, you can set your project to 48 fps if you like… but I’m not sure how this would work depending on the device that you’re using to play the content. You’ll have to run some tests.


Indeed because of the new 64-bit engine, you can render out at 4K or at 8K. We’ve done some stunningly beautiful 8K renders here.

The team is still finalizing the testing of Windows 8.