2 questions regarding to camera and flatten drawing line.

Hi, hope some one can help.
Question # 1
In camera mode, I with 3D enable selected, I can move camera around freely but can’t turn/tilt camera to left or right? Also by default should i be able to see the camera icon in the scene with camera cone? How do I turn it on or off?

Question # 2
I do traditional animation, after finish the scene, I flatten my line drawings one at a time. It can be time consuming. I wonder if there is way that I can do batch command for flatten?

Thank you so much for your help.

Q1 you need to add the “perspective” window to do this. I also at times use a combination of side/top view and camera view open at the same time to help with moving the camera around.

Remember to attach your camera to a peg and move/rotate that, not the actual camera.

I don’t know if there is a batch flatten.

Thank you, TheRaider. That helps.
As of Q#2 I have been busy flattening the scenes I did. If I some how find the way to batch the whole scene at once. I will share the tip with you.

I’m not sure whether this will help with the flattening issue, but you can make a permanent selection, then you can simply toggle to the next frame and hit the keyboard shortcut for “Flatten”. You need to do it on each frame, but at least with a permanent selection, you don’t need to make the selection again each time.

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Wow! thank you so much LillyV. That is very helpful. I wonder, Does this works the same way when “create color art from line art” ? That is going to be on my next week “to do” list.

Ok I tested this method that you tell me with “create color art from line art” and It works. So thanks again. This will help me a lot with my work flow. Thank you for all helps!