2 Problems? I Can't Paint Non Shapes or Add Texture

Hello I have Animate Pro 3, and I find myself having trouble with painting. I click the paint button and in a closed in area, and it does nothing, also I am having a little trouble with adding texture? Like where can you go for texture images, because when I do try to add a picture for texture it does not allow me to use it, I guess it has to be psg or gsp or some kind of format like that.

If you are unable to paint an enclosed shape then most likely there is a small gap somewhere. try zooming-in on the shape to see where the gap might be and close it with the “stroke” tool or the “close gap” tool.

For adding textures… You can add a color pot to your palette by right-clicking on it to “add texture”. You will be prompted to select a TGA or PSD file to use for generating the texture. Once done you can now paint with this texture pot the same way as you would with any flat color.

From the “Drawing” menu, Tools sub-menu there is also the “Edit Texture/Gradient” tool to arrange, resize and reposition the texture.

Another way to add texture is to create a texture pencil from the Tool Properties window once you have the pencil tool selected. You can do the same for a brush tool but you need to click the arrow next to the visual representation of the brush stroke at the top of the tool properties window.