2-legged workout error

I’m using the 2-legged workout (which is very helpful!) and have run into a problem w/ some missing drawings. In Part 2: Setting the Walk Cycle Keys, there should be sketches for the passing positions on frames 5 and 13 in the pirate_keys.tbp file, but they are missing. I think I’ve found them in the file associated w/ Part 3: Inbetweening, and am attempting to transfer the drawings via the global library. Just thought someone at Toon Boom should know about this glitch.

Aaargh! Thanks for the tip, just when I was about to order it!

I reported the error to the author, she will check it out and correct it if necessary.


Hi Rattlebrain,

Thanks for the comments; it really is great to get the feedback!

About the 2-legged workout…the sketch drawings you can’t find are in fact in the pirate_keys project file (which you opened and renamed my_pirate_keys presumably). On top of page 39 of the .pdf I mention in a tip that the sketch drawings for frames 5 and 13 are in the elements, but that you’d have to use cell swapping on those frames to change the exposure of the sketch elements. Maybe should have been a little bit clearer on that one! Let me know if you still have a problem.

Thanks again!

Thanks, Lindsay! I didn’t get it when I read it, but tried it just now and it works. I actually just loaded the sketches from pirate_tween.tbp into the global library, then put them in the appropriate elements in my project. That worked, too. But your way is better.

At the risk of sounding anal: on page 40 of the .pdf you talk about moving the keyframe on frame 5 temporarily to the left to get it closer to the keyframe on frame 9. Did you mean, to the right? OK, I’ll stop now! Thanks for a great workout!

Ha! Nice one! Ya that’s supposed to be “move it to the right” in the tutorial. I will be fixing that one right now. :wink:

Thanks for noticing!

Such sloppyness is inexcusable. What happened to Quality Control? Where is the editor/proof reader? These “aw chucks” responses are getting me mighty steamed!