2 curve deformers on one object?

Good day,

I want to deform a character’s body with a curve deformer. The character is wearing a dress and I would like to put a second curve deformer on the end of the cloth to make nice overlapping animation. What would be the best way of rigging this?
Should the body curve deformer be a parent of the other curve deformer? Is it necessary to put the lower part of the dress on a seperate layer? Is there a way to use one deformation node for two seperate curves?

I would be very happy about any advice!

You can hook up multiple curve deformers to each other.
for example…

Deformation Root
Curve deformer1
Curve deformer2

So you can see that you can mix bones and curve deformers as long as there is an articulation between each. One simple way to do this is to make a regular deformation chain using bones in the setup and then to replace the bones in the deformation group (in the network view) with curves from the module library.

Thank you, that’s useful. I really appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

But what if I don’t want them to be connected? So that one deformer moves the whole body shape and one seperate deformer moves only the cloth at the very end?

I don’t recommend overlapping deformers as you might get strange results.
Remember that you can add a tiny curve deformer to the end of a bone deformer chain which will do the same thing and give you better control over the effect.