2 Camera in the composition

Hello everyone I hope you have a good time.
I have a question I’m trying to add more cameras in the composition do not know if this is possible
the issue is that I want multiple cameras at the scene if possible or is there another way please help. thanks to all

You can have many cameras in Harmony but only one can be activated at a time for the scene planning or render (or can only select which camera to be used for render). You can select which camera you want to use from Scene>Camera but be careful to switching the camera might confuse the compositors.
I do not know what is the reason to have multiple camera but you can always use multiple display to add and select different display for you to view only wanted information and then switchback to general (one on very bottom of the network) display to see the all. This will remove any confusion of using multiple camera looking at different angle and ends up different results in render.