2.5 to 3.0--is it worth it?

When TBS made the upgrade to 3.0 I was busy doing other stuff and not really animating much. In fact, I was thinking more in the direction of going 3D a lot more.

I got back into it for my Christmas cartoon this year and did some things differently that made the program a lot more inviting and new to me again.

That said, what are some of the benefits some of you have gotten or appreciated in the jump to 3.0? I’ve looked at the sheet, but I’d like to hear it from the trenches.


hi rob.
ok, not thinking for too long → first of all: the text tool. i was waiting for this feature impatiently.
secondly, the molding of both modi (drawing and camera) → i’m still pretty indifferent.
but the next great new feature: export for .dv, .avi and image sequence.
from minor things: a cutter tool to separate parts of the artwork.
those are the ones i noticed instantly. there may be others, but i haven’t use them yet.

cheers and a happy new year.

on the other hand, i used 2.0 prior to 3.0. that’s why some features may have been implemented in 2.5, though…

can you then tweak the text with free transform?

How much can you do with free transform? For example, Flash’s free transform has the envelope option, which is pretty darn powerful.

Actually 2.5 does have the cutter, but I’ve only just started using it lately and seeing what it can do for me.

i’m not so much into text animation, i use it only for titles and credits.
so all i needed recently was actually a simple text manipulation, grouping and ungrouping, thus i can’t say anything more.
but i’m glad the tool is there at all :slight_smile:

i put my 3d projects off, for the far future. i won’t be able to do both . one must concentrate on the most important things.
besides, to be a jack-of-all-trades is not my business.
but with a good and trustworthy partner, who knows… :wink:

I have a free program called Anim8or, and I also bought a used copy of Animation Master. A little harder to model in, but I’ve got plans for something that requires the IK, which Anim8or doesn’t have.

I started doing a comic book last summer, and got some okay work done, more story covered than I would have in animation of any kind. Then summer ended and I went back to work teaching. It’s been slow since.

Down the road I have a couple of shorts that I may use TBS for, or I may get an upgrade on my copy of Digicel, which may give me results closer to what I want in the look of the pencil lines. Not sure yet.

For $100, going up to 3.0 would be worth it, I think. Especially since I just foolishly told my wife I’d sell my Harley, which I’ve had for 18 years. Not sure if I can get out of that… If I go through with it (for my son’s sake), I’ll get a laptop and some software, but mostly pay some bills.

i’m no motorbike fan, but i see my friends, and i presume that biking is a life-long fascination. if you sell harley, some time in the future you’ll be missing something…

True, that. 18 years with the same bike. kinda like chopping off my arm…or something.

Thanks for the words, rob. I’ve decided not to send it down the road without me, and that will not please my wife, but we’ll be fine.

i presume i am the bad guy for her now :wink:
keep on rocking down the road, then :slight_smile:

Naaah, yer not the baddie. ;D I should always remember to keep my mouth shut until I’m sure. It’s the only “bad” habit I’ve left besides strong coffee.