2.5 for PC?

Forgive me if I missed the announcement but when will we get the 2.5 upgrade for PC?
Version 2.0 for PC seems to already have most of the features promoted as new in Mac 2.5,
Except for being able to draw in sceneplanning mode- that’s what I really want!
Anybody know when/if this will happen?
I can’t be the only one using Toonboom on the PC.

I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be better to wait for version 3 then to spend the money on a minor update?

Mac was still on version one before 2.5 came out. I think it was more of a marketing thing calling it “2.5” instead of “2.0” because it was SO LONG after 2.0 came out for PC. And if people want 2.5 for PC with little difference from 2.0 I guess it was good marketing for a change.