2.5 files created with demo version don’t load

2.5 files created with demo version don’t load

After using the demo version for the last few day’s, I purchased the academic version of TBS 2.5. Now when I try to import my work from the demo version i get the error:

“filename.tbp is not a valid Toon Boom Studio file”

Q1: Is this design intent? Is my work done in the demo version lost after the demo expires?

Q2: In the wider context, what what versions of Toon boom files are compatible with what versions? IE: Is the mac file compatible with the PC version and can an old version of TS import files from a newer versions?

Hi there,

First, you can’t use V2.5 Demo projects in the commercial version of the software and vice versa. Second, there are basicaly 3 file formats:

1- V1 (can be read by any TBS Mac or PC)

2- V2 (can be read buy TBS Mac 1.2.x, 2.5 and PC 2.0, 2.5beta but not by V1.0 Mac or PC)

3- V2.5 Demo version. Can’t be read by anything but the demo version.

That makes things clear, even if it’s not quite the answer I was looking for. Oh well, I’m glad I upgraded earler than later and didn’t do too much work in the demo.

This also explains why when I moved files from v1.0 to v2.5 I saw a warning that Toonboom was converting to “V2.0”

no conversion from mac demo 2.5 to edu version 2.5 then?