".183" at end of element folder name

I was in my scene folder deleting elements that I’ve removed from my scene and I noticed some odd file names: There is a “.183” on the end of one of my element folder names. And the element itself has a “-4” on the end of its name. Why is that?

Thank you.

That number comes from the creation of layers in the scene. It was the 183rd layer you created. Every time you create a layer the software keeps track with an id number. Even if you delete layers the id information has to be kept in the database of the scene. There are many technical reasons for it, that the developpers know, but for the user we see it typically when symbols are brought into the scene or you had multiple layers with the same name. The .number is used under the hood to permit to have multiple layers with the same name in the scene. The _4 is usually when you did duplicate. In that case it takes the same name but creates right away a different name in the interface.

Thank you Steve!