12.5 FPS, is it possbile?

Living in Europe, our standard frame rate is 25FPS. I like to work on half frame rate, which would be 12.5, but I can’t seem te be able to create 12.5 FPS projects? The progam only counts in “whole” frames. What to do? It’s really a standard way of working for me and I’m surprised Toon Boom doesn’t seem to be capable of this.

Have the same issue here… 12.5 fps would be perfect for my project.


At this point, it is not possible, but I will send your feedback to our Product Manager.
You can set your scene to 25 frames per second and expose your animation on 2s, it would be a work around for the moment.

Thank you!


I’m used to work with 25 fps where most animation is made “on 2s”. I wonder why do you need to work with 12,5 fps if the broadcast standard is 25 fps?

Luis Canau