11-Second Club Submission - June '12

Hey TB Friends! I submitted a piece to this month’s 11 Second Club competition (start to finish in Harmony - even thumbnails). If you’re a member of the club you can vote for all 232 entries here:

and you can see my entry on it’s own here:

Hope you like it, I was drawing furiously for a few days - wish I’d taken a little more time to plan out my actions (maybe not be so literal with the “2 men” and “1 man” part) but the purpose is always to learn from my mistakes. Thanks for lookin’!

Nice job! I really like what you loaded into the 2nd boy’s reactions.

I have to work quickly often and sadly, sometimes I, too, go with the literal. (It’s almost an accident, since I’m kind of the opposite of literal. Ha.) Point is, I swear I’ll learn from it. So far, I haven’t. :\

Hey dude!

I really dig the character designs, very appealing.
My only crit would be that the timing could be a lot sharper. The poses mostly work well but the ease in’s and out’s tend to be very same-y, giving it a pretty even rhythm throughout the shot. Try sharpening some parts and loosening others depending on the inflections of the speech. Once you build that variety it will push the shot further.

Great work though man! Enjoyed that :slight_smile: