11 Second Club June 2012 Competition

this is my entry for the competition. i had to shoot in 3s to make the deadline.


I would love to see this inked and coloured!

These 11 second things are great!! Threes shmees. Nicely fluid!

Hey dude!

I really love the angle you went for, definitely a lot more cinematic than a locked off shot. Here are my crits!

* You tend to repeat the same action a few times. I know it’s hard to show a minimal movement when the camera is flying around so much but it would have been nice to have him acting a bit more subtle in the beginning and then building up to a bigger performance as time went on.
* Overall I think the character is moving around too much. The poses are cool but when there is that much movement it detracts from the rhythm of the speech. This is especially at the end, when we’re close up to his face, it’s hard to focus on his eyes.
* I’d be keen to see this on 2’s, just to see how the timing changes between acting beats.
* Would have been nice to see his face close up much sooner, so we can really milk that final line, make it sinister.

Great work though man!