1 Subscriptions on 2 computers

Hello. I am pretty new to this program so i am wondering if you own 2 computers can you put the same subscriptions on both of them? Because i own laptop that i bring to college and computer at home and i need harmony on both of them.

You can install the software on multiple computers but you can only run the software on one at a time. You also have to do what they call “return the license” each time you switch.

I have seen varying words in Toon Boom’s text over the years that can be pulled up in a search.

In fact, the Terms within my Harmony software state you can only install the software on one computer. License Agreement within the software:
1.2. YOU may install and use one copy of the SOFTWARE on one computer unless the PERMITTED NUMBER indicates otherwise. For the purposes herein, a “PERMITTED NUMBER” means the number of computers you may use the SOFTWARE on, so long that all of the computers use the same operating system (see paragraph 1.5 below).

This has been restated with clarification. The subscription option did not even exist until Harmony 12 and there are rules lingering in the knowledgebase from previous sales models. The key point here is that the license is restricted to one installation at a time rather than the number of installations being restricted.

License Activation

Return a License


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