1) "protect color" or "select by color" in 1 area of drawing? 2) SUBTRACT from selection?

  1. is there a way to isolate the color in 1 part of a drawing to delete it? for example: drawing rough in one color, refining with another color, then somehow only deleting the rough color from 1 isolated area of the drawing, leaving the rough color alone elsewhere in the drawing.

the ’protect color’ and ‘select by color’ tools don’t work in this way as they always affect that color throughout the entire drawing, not in an isolated area of the drawing, y? seems like a lasso tool could have this function, but not here currently.

  1. related- is there a way yet to subtract from a selection? shift + click can ADD to a selection, but i don’t know a way to SUBTRACT from a selection, as is common in many art softwares.

another option i’ve seen in software is erasers that can be set to only erase 1 selected color (so the “isolation” is limited to where the special eraser tip is touching; no need for a lasso in this case.)

Select by colour, using the Select Tool and, in Tool Properties activating the red Select by Colour icon. This will select ALL art traced or painted with the selected colour. If you want to just select a part you have to use the Select Tool without the Select by Colour option tool . Shift + click works for both adding and subtracting from a selection though it might be a bit confusing because you get a ‘move’ cursor over the art as if you could only move it, but if you shift + click it it will also subtract.

The Select tool still selects a protected colour and you can delete it, so if you want to just erase a part of the drawing with the rough colour but keep rough lines elsewhere on the same drawing, I think you would have to protect the clean colour and/or other colours and work with the Eraser tool just on the part of the drawing you want to delete. Selection doesn’t work for that purpose, but a big enough eraser tip will have a similar result I think. You can also try to use the Unpaint tool which allows to select an area though it will not delete ‘accurately’ the selected area to the pixel but according to the vector lines selected.

Of course, in terms of the layer or all layers you can just set the rough colour’s alpha to zero and make the rough lines invisible. You can do the same on a per layer basis with a colour-override module that you can activate and deactivate according to your needs without turning off the colour on all layers.

Luis Canau

  1. You can select all the objects using the current color, if you right click on the drawing view you can see the option, with all the objects selected all you have to do is to press Del to delete them.

thanks for quick reply, can i get some clarification:

  1. i don’t want to select ALL the objects using a particular color, i want to ISOLATE 1 area of a drawing and select all of a color in that isolated area (e.g. the rough underdrawing of 1 comic panel, and not other panels within the same drawing/page.)

  2. when you say “current color”, you mean whatever color i want to delete, not the color that happens to be active, y? or are you saying the selection tool can behave differently if the color is active in the color panel?

  3. when you say drawing view, you mean in the drawing tab, as opposed the the camera view, y? are you saying the tools behave differently in the drawing view in this case? if i right click on the drawing tab, or within the drawing area, all i seem to get is the context menu of optional tabs that you get under the “+” button.

(doesn’t sound like you’re referring to my #2 question about subtracting selections, y?).

Most of the behavior is the same in Camera and Drawing Views, some changes, depending on what you’re doing or what is most comfortable for you it might be better to choose one or another.
The “Select Strokes with Current Color” Option (Ctrl+Shift+A) is available in both views, it selects all elements in the drawing that are painted with the currently active color.

If I’d want to isolate the rough drawing from the “real” drawing, I’d use Art layers instead, I usually use the Underlay layer to do that kind of stuff, the Line and Art Layers to contain the art, and the overlay to add details or patches, but it’s actually up to you how to use them.

Other thing I’d do is to draw rough in a different color, so all I have to do is to select the rough color, then the “Select Strokes with Current Color” Option and then delete it.

Depending on the tier of Harmony you are using you could draw your roughs on the Underlay Art Layer and draw the refined/final linework on the Line Art Layer then turn off the Underlay Art Layer in Preferences when you no longer need it. (Preferences=>Advanced)

See Art Layers in the documentation. (I could not post a link due to reCAPTCHA acting retarded again).

yes, i use all those techniques and art layers too, but the reality of my work is refining progressively smaller areas that wind up on 1 layer, so i really need to find a way for ongoing isolation and deletion of colors. so, i will contact support.

thanks for all your input!

good idea: protect color to keep, and then big eraser tip to erase in a limited area.

thanks internet hive mind!

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