1 day trial?

I just downloaded the trial version earlier today. I spent an hour or two trying to figure it out then closed it. Now I try to open it and it says time left 0 days. What would cause this?

Did you installed it before in the same PC? Maybe thats the problem.

Nope, I didn’t even know that this software existed yesterday morning. :slight_smile:

Try removing and installing again, or restore system to a point before to install Toon Boom (In Start->all programs-> Accesories->Restore system), and install again the software. Maybe it oould help you.


Is this on Windows or on Mac?

Make sure that the installation is done with an administrator account as it may simply be that the timer could not be set for the trial due to lack of permissions on the user.

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Windows, It was installed as administrator.

Here’s the whole story, lol.
I downloaded and installed Toon Boom and it worked the first time I ran it. I had a problem that it imported some jpgs and others would just be an empty white box. After searching on this forum I saw that having the latest version of quick time seemed to be important. I closed Toon Boom and downloaded the latest version of Quick time. Later that afternoon, I installed Quick time and tried to open Toon Boom. This is when it started telling me that I have 0 days left on the trial.


I can’t see why Quicktime would interfere with the timer. When you launched it the first time did you see the 30 days?

Under Windows this usually is caused by some unrecognized font setting being used during the creation of the clock timer. You may want to make sure you are setup in English as your unicode language in the Regional and Language Options (in Control Panel). Other then that did you try to reinstall the software?

Finally, did you change the date on your machine. Changing the date after the trial is install may automatically disable the trial.



Hi, I tried 4 different laptops and the results were the same - one day trial! In the last installation, I had installed the latest version of Adobe reader and Quicktime. However, still remained 0 day after quit the program once. Totally unacceptable ! :’(

If you have installed and activated from an administrator user account and switched the system to a unicode language then it may be a security setting on your computer that is responsible.

Either way, please email support@toonboom.com as it will probably be necessary to connect to your computer to diagnose the cause.