0 size Line tool doesn't show


Please. I’m new here. I want to ask someone who maybe knows:

I know TBH is meant to be drawn with outlines. But sometimes I like to make only shapes. Without outlines. But as I draw with: Line, Rectangle, Circle or Poly, I can’t see what I’m drawing, when Line size is set to 0.

So I have to draw with some… 5px size line → colour it → delete all outlines.

So please help me: Is there a way to show path I’m drawing at 0px?

-Jakub Beczányi (hello@animanio.com)

If you press K you will see the strokes when drawing with invisible lines.

You can also draw a thin line, 1-3 pixels, for instance, on the Line Art layer, then Create Colour Art from Line Art (shortcut *), and deactivate the Line Art layer afterwards. Or still draw with a colour you set specifically as your line colour and then change the colour to alpha 0, making it transparent/invisible.